Professional Property Copy

A Second Set of Eyes!

When it comes to writing, a second set of eyes, i.e. a ‘fresh set of eyes’ is invaluable. Spelling and grammatical errors can detract from your marketing message as well as your credibility as a professional.

Whilst most people proof read their own work prior to publishing, it is highly recommended that you also get a second person to check; this person will be coming in cold and will read it with complete unfamiliarity.

Spell checker on computer software programs are quick and easy to run across your copy, but they won’t pick up words in the wrong context, the incorrect contraction, and syntax flow; also, they can’t give you any feedback on the quality and/or effectiveness of the message.
Here at PPC, in addition to writing copy, we also supply a proofing service. We don’t just proof for spelling and grammar; but also, for repetition of words/phrases, context of language, brevity of message, and impact.

This service ranges in price, depending on volume of work, and length of material. Click here for a quote!

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