Professional Property Copy

ABC of property


Articulate – both the adjective and the verb! Be clear, do not use ambiguity – the copy should be sharp and easy to read and understand immediately.  Don’t try and be too clever, try and communicate the message effectively.

Accuracy – ensure your copy is accurate, this is very important not only for your professional credibility, but inaccurate claims or descriptions are misleading and could have legal implications.


Brevity – do not write volumes of copy; your message will be lost; your reader won’t read it all.  Most people are reading on-line nowadays, and will only read bite-size chunks of text.  Keep it simple, focus on communicating the message in a succinct manner.

Benefits – sell the benefits; let the copy complement the images and provide extra value by creating word pictures focussed on benefits.


Call to Action – property copy is essentially advertising, it is designed to trigger action from the prospect.  You don’t see any advertising or marketing ever without this.  Your sellers don’t always feel comfortable with it, but it is your job as a professional sales person to explain its importance.

Clarity – be clear in your message, leave no room for confusion or misinterpretation.  You are not writing a PhD; you are writing to an audience of varying levels of education, age, and also to prospects who may have English as a second language.  Keep it simple.

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