Professional Property Copy

Are You a BUSY Property Manager? We can HELP!

Property Managers are amongst the most ‘time-poor’ professionals on the planet, and anything that can be outsourced to streamline their workload and processes is often embraced by Principals, and the PM’s themselves.

Here at Professional Property Copy (PPC), established in 2012, we not only write copy for agent profiles and marketing text for ‘sale’ properties, we can also write copy for properties for rent – commercial, holiday, or permanent residential.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Time-saving – send us the photos and floor plan (if available) and we will write copy and return within 24 hours (unless otherwise advised);
  • Cost-effective investment – unless there are significant changes/alterations to the property between tenancies, you can reuse the same original copy, perhaps with just minor tweaks;
  • Point of Difference – this service could be used as a Point of Difference in your appraisals when prospecting for new managements;
  • Attracting Interest – polished, professional copy sells the benefits to the target market with the aim of generating enquiry. The more enquiry and interest, the greater the competition, the more likely of finding a tenant in a timely manner, and even better, a competitive environment can have an upward pressure on price. Your owners will be thrilled.

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