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Be Prepared!

We all know the Boy Scout motto ‘Be Prepared’ – simple but effective, great advice to heed in everything we do in life, particularly in the workplace. However, like the well-known Robert Burns’ adage “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – life sometimes gets in the way of even the best planning!

How can we prepare for the unexpected; well, the simple answer is, we can’t, because it’s just that, ‘unexpected.’ What we CAN do, is have plans or strategies in place to deal with ways of coping with disruptions to our schedule, to reduce the angst and keep things flowing as smoothly as possible.
One of the measures you can put in place is to have a back-up plan; a list of people who can assist you at short notice with some of your work tasks. It may be someone in the office, a work colleague you can trust to deliver high quality service in the event of your temporary absence or incapacity; or it can be a third-party service that can assist you with outstanding tasks.

Here at PPC, we can assist you with any of your writing needs; you may normally be someone that writes your own marketing copy, or indeed may have a supplier/contact that does it for you, but it’s worth remembering that we are here to assist, even at very short notice.
We have been supplying agents across Australia with real estate marketing copy since 2012.

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