Professional Property Copy

Boosting Enquiry with Better Copy

How effective is your property copy? Have you got listings that aren’t generating the enquiry you thought they would? Sometimes simply refreshing the copy and adjusting some components of it, including the structure and word usage, can work well to stimulate enquiry.

Where to start?

Make your word-count count – Be economical with your words.

Portals and listing sites often don’t give agents a lot of room for property descriptions, making the space you do have all the more valuable, therefore it’s important to avoid repeating information that is already presented in the details section. In other words, there’s no need to repeat the number of bedroom or bathrooms if those facts are already mentioned in the property details section.

Reserve the description box for compelling information that will entice buyers to take a look for themselves.

Highlight the best features – Sell the Benefits

Ensure that the property’s most enticing features are highlighted and described in an inviting way. Look for, and draw attention to the key point(s) of difference and make sure it’s in your copy.

The photos often show ‘what’s’ there, the copy should complement this but take it a step further and explain (in a concise manner) what the benefit of that feature is.

Tell a story, paint a picture; create an experience!

Next time you sit down to write a new listing description, take into account that some words sell better than others.

Selling the sizzle instead of the sausage involves using words and descriptions that help a buyer visualise what living in that home might be like…create a scenario eg: “Imagine waking up to this magical vista every morning, what a wonderful start to your day.”

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