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Christmas & New Year Hours

Well, it’s only a matter of weeks now before the big red fella heads down under with his sack of goodies, followed in a matter of only days with the popping of corks as we welcome a new year in; and no doubt some of you are taking some time off for some rest and recuperation over the festive season, and no doubt some of you are working through!

At Professional Property Copy, we work all year around, with only the gazetted public holidays off – Joanna and the team will be on board to assist you with all your copy requirements, even over the Christmas period. The last few years have been surprisingly busy during this period, so we know some of you are still out there working hard…good for you, no doubt you’ll have some time off during the year instead. To those of you taking a break over Christmas, enjoy!

We look forward to assisting you if needed during this time, and all year around.

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