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So here we are in 2021, and sadly COVID19 is still a ‘thing’ – albeit on a smaller scale in Australia than many other countries. We have all had to adapt our behaviour socially and our mindsets around many day-to-day things we once took for granted.

One of good news stories that has emerged amongst the cloud of the pandemic is that our national property market, and overall economy, has fared surprisingly well; thanks to swift action by the federal government and state governments to provide stimulus packages as well as take timely action to suppress the spread of the virus.

What does it mean for Agents? Well, we have all continued working within the guidelines set down on any given day. From virtual inspections and online auctions, through to bans on open homes leading to private appointments only – we have come through it; however, it is still a moving feast.

Although we may all be somewhat COVID hungover, we do also continue to need and seek relevant information pertaining to our region/area with regards to what is happening in our area. Agents are an invaluable source of ‘real time’ intelligence on what is happening in the local market in the midst of all this uncertainty, and it can be reassuring to be regularly updated on activity pertaining to our neighbourhood and surrounds.

Connection is critical we are at time of increased isolation and uncertainty. We can assist you to connect and communicate with your target audience. Click Here for more information.

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