Professional Property Copy

Do I Have Your Attention?

Maybe. Maybe not.  A great heading is critical when writing your marketing copy. The heading is the ‘hook’ to attract attention and entice the prospect to read further!  Newspapers, particularly tabloids, do headings very well…this is the key to sales volumes.  Today, in the age of social media, headings are used as ‘click bait’ – how often do you click on something and open it up to find out it’s really quite insignificant? It’s annoying, but a clever heading drives the decision to investigate further.

When writing headings, keep in mind ‘less is more’; the punchier the better, long headings are rarely effective. Alliteration can work well, for example: Luxury, Location, Lifestyle; and if possible, the heading should be shouting the most outstanding benefit(s) loudly. Rhetorical questions can also be an effective tool. Just like your main photo is the hero shot; your heading is the copy hero.

Once you’ve nailed the heading, the rest is easy!

Next week we’ll talk about writing your opening sentence, and how important it is to also make an impact with this…many people won’t read beyond the first paragraph, so it needs to summaries the key benefits; it is the MOST important section of your copy (other than the heading).

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