Professional Property Copy

Energise Your Copy

Are you worried about writing dull property copy? Here’s a few simple tips to insert some energy into your marketing text:

  • Write in the active voice by using verbs;
  • Use adjectives sparingly, too many adjectives can bog your copy down;
  • Create verbal descriptions to complement the images, for example, if there’s a photo of an alfresco terrace overlooking a swimming pool, describe a typical scenario – let the prospects visualise themselves socialising and relaxing poolside;
  • Keep it fresh – if the property has been for sale for some time, revamp the copy, and change the heading to give it new life;
  • Make it relevant – for example, if you are marketing a property at the start of summer, you might want to talk about how Christmas lunch on the deck, etc.

At PPC we can write your property copy for you; this is what we do 24/7 for Agents all around Australia. If 2017 is going to be a BUSY year for you, then delegate this task to us and free up some time for prospecting or leisure!

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