Professional Property Copy

Energy Sells!

When it’s time to write your marketing copy, make sure you inject your prose with energy and vibrancy. Bland, pedestrian, cliched copy is not going to assist the buyer to get excited about the property…use words to create visual images that work in conjunction with the images, to communicate a complete narrative that really SELLS.

Below are a few tips that may assist:

  • Write in the active voice by using verbs;
  • Use adjectives sparingly, too many adjectives can bog your copy down;
  • Create verbal descriptions to complement the images – describe a hypothetical scenario around the visual;
  • Keep it fresh – if the property has been for sale for some time, revamp the copy, and change the heading to give it new life;
  • Make it relevant – for example, if you are marketing a property at the start of summer, you might want to talk about how Christmas lunch on the deck, etc.

At PPC we can write your property copy for you; we have been supplying Agents throughout Australia with property copy since 2012. Please note, we are also an Australian company. click here to find out more.

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