Professional Property Copy

Engage Your Audience

It is not just the photos that make an impact when marketing a property; the copy is also a critical tool in marketing the benefits of an individual property and attracting enquiry.

Some tips for writing engaging property copy:

  • Create warm, inviting scenarios in your text – paint a picture of what it would be like to live in that property.
  • Explain the benefits of the location – anyone can google map nearby amenities, but some ‘localised’ knowledge to really sell an area is extremely helpful – not everyone looking online is familiar with the location.
  • Use active language (i.e. verbs), and use adjectives sparingly to avoid repetition and clichés.
  • Highlight benefits not obvious from photos – there are often many that add value and appeal.
  • Create urgency, via a call to action, so the potential buyer feels compelled to pick up the phone.
  • Pay particular attention to the heading and first paragraph – this must ‘sizzle’ so the buyer continues to read the rest of the copy, it must ‘hook’ the reader from the first line.
  • Proofread – poor spelling or grammar will minimise impact and detract from your credibility as a professional.

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