Professional Property Copy

Great Internet Editorial for Property

MAKE the most out of your Internet editorial!

If you have a polished internet editorial for the property you are marketing, ensure you maximise possible exposure by submitting it to the Property Editor of your local newspaper.

Ensure you accompany the copy with at least one high resolution image of the property…your ‘hero’ shot would be perfect.  Find out the publication deadline so you can submit prior. 

Don’t give up if your editorial isn’t published; continue to email them in, there is no charge for publishing and your vendor will be delighted with you if it is chosen to be published.

Keep in mind preference will be given to those properties with crisp images, well written text with a logical flowing structure, and generally the Editor will be more likely to publish, if there is a paid advertising package with that property.  Don’t send in bullet points, it needs to be “publication ready”.

Professional Property Copy can write your editorials for you; it’s what we specialise in, we do it every day for Agents across Australia. Contact us to find out more.

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