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Staying Connected

It’s no secret that success in business is all about relationships, regardless of what industry you are in; and this is certainly true in real estate. Longevity and prosperity are intrinsically connected with the relationships you establish and maintain throughout your career.

How regularly do communicate with your past clients?

Some Agents communicate each quarter, some preferring to keep it six monthly or annually; it is personal choice and you certainly don’t want to be too invasive with the regularity of contact.  However, in this manic world we live in where we are overwhelmed daily with thousands of messages, it is important not to let the time lapse for too long.

What are the most effective tools?

There are a variety of mediums you can use to stay in contact regularly and cost-effectively.  The most common and time-efficient way is via newsletters through your database; these can have a personalised greeting line, and only one message needs to be written which can be sent to all.

On special occasions such as Christmas, or the anniversary that they purchased their new property, a handwritten card is always a welcome personal touch. 

Some Agents will knock on the door and say g’day when they are walking around their farm area distributing flyers…it is time consuming but you cannot beat face to face contact for effectiveness. 

A scheduled phone call – maybe annually or bi-annually to say hello and just touch base can also be an effective method of personalising your contact.  This can be time-consuming, but many Agents report this as one of their most successful ways of generating repeat or referral business.

Offering incentives to past clients for referrals is also is a way of ensuring you don’t get forgotten when it’s time for their friends or relatives to sell. Gift vouchers are particularly popular.

Whatever means you use make sure it is scheduled into your timetable so it doesn’t get forgotten, and treat it as ‘prospecting’ so that its importance is always top of mind.

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