Professional Property Copy


Repetition, that is, avoiding it; is one of the key challenges when writing your property copy. Sure, you want to sell the message in as many ways as you can, and we all know via advertising that repetition works; BUT it can be tedious in copy and tends to dull the shine.

The most common irritant in a lot of marketing copy is the repeated use of the same adjectives; it is an easy trap to fall into, especially when inspiration is a little dry and the writer is a little tired.

To avoid the use of repetition in your copy; we suggest printing out your work prior to publishing. Read aloud to test for seamless flowing syntax, and circle/highlight any adjectives in text to ensure there is no repetition.

The online thesaurus is invaluable in assisting you to find a substitute word for one already used in text; or if you are old-school, have a hard copy on your desk, next to the dictionary.

At PPC we can write your property copy for you; we are an Australian owned and operated business, supplying Agents throughout Australia with property copy since 2012. click here to find out more.

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