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Keep in Touch!

We all know real estate is more about people than property, and the really successful agents over time are the ones that place a strong focus on relationship building.  With the advances in technology, it is just so much easier in the noughties to keep in regular contact, cost-effectively with your database.  In fact, there is no excuse not to!  It can be quick and easy, with your message be disseminated by the click of a button.

You know this, right?  But are you doing it?  Many agents start with good intentions of publishing regular newsletters or blogs, but the fall off the wagon, as they get busy and distracted with the day-day machinations of work/life etc…

Here at PPC we can assist you to keep in touch with your contacts via social media management, e-newsletters, mail-outs, blogs, and anything that involves the written word.

Plus, there is our 52 week blog package to can purchase for just $297.

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