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Keep In TOUCH!

As the COVID 19 pandemic sweeps across Australia, services and events are being shut down daily, and this crisis seems to unfold almost an hourly basis. It is unclear yet what the impact will be on the operations of property professionals – from Auctions through to Open Homes…how will this impact on your ability to market and sell property?

As an increasing number of the workforce are encouraged to work from home, and an increasing number of people are self-isolating or indeed in 14-day quarantine; there will be a surge in number of people communicating electronically. Internet usage is poised to skyrocket, as people will have more time on their hands and will be seeking information.

Now is the time to ensure you keep in regular contact with your database and target market – this can be done cost-effectively via email and social media platforms. People will have more time to read information and everyone from tenants through to property owners will be interested in what’s happening in the local market, and the potential impact this will have on their assets.

At PPC we can write your communication content for you – you just have to press SEND and disseminate. We can assist you to stay in contact with your clients and the wider community. Click here to find out more.

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