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Let us HELP you SELL Professional Copy Writing

We realise that prospecting for listings is one of the most challenging aspects of being an agent; when you secure the business, the next challenge is to sell VPA…quite often this can be quite difficult due to personal circumstances of the seller, or just a general objection to the concept of paying out more funds. Some sellers see it as a cost rather than an investment in achieving the optimum outcome.
Successful agents have polished dialogue they use to overcome objections are therefore well-equipped to sell the most appropriate and effective marketing package to their clients; however, whilst most sellers can appreciate the benefits of professional photography, it is generally more difficult to convince them to pay for professional marketing copy.
At Professional Property Copy (PPC), we supply marketing text for agents across Australia. Established in 2012 by a former agent who worked for an award-winning agency and a former newspaper journalist who branched out into property copywriting as her speciality; we can write property copy for your campaigns based on the images and information you email to us. Not only does this copy add that extra polish and shine to a marketing campaign, it is focused on selling the benefits and providing that additional information that photos can’t always capture.
To assist you to sell the benefits of investing in professional copy to your clients, we have attached a brochure that you can email (or print) to disseminate to your sellers and include with your marketing budgets and rationale.
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