Professional Property Copy

Maximise IMPACT!

It’s not just the photos that make an impact when marketing a property, it is also the words you use to describe the property and sell the benefits.

Tips for maximising impact in your copy:

  • Paint a picture/scenario with words – set the scene, generate warmth in your copy, make the home inviting and welcoming.
  • Use verbs and well as adjectives – don’t go overuse adjectives either, as it can bog the copy down.
  • Highlight benefits not obvious from photos – e.g.: eco-friendly features, improvements made to home by current owner etc…
  • Create some urgency, via a call to action – get the buyer to take some type of action ASAP.
  • Take time on the heading and first paragraph – that first paragraph must encapsulate the essence of the opportunity. The heading and the first paragraph are the most likely parts to be read, it is important to nail them.
  • Proofread – poor spelling or grammar will minimise impact and detract from your credibility as a professional. Even better, get someone else to proofread; you may miss something when proofreading your own work, as you are so familiar with the content.

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