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Outsourcing Saves Time & Angst!

The majority of us power through each week at supersonic speed, often not taking time to stop and smell the roses; there’s too much to do, time management is a constant juggle, and the unpredictable nature of day to day life can really mess with your ‘ideal’ week!

Many professional people are increasingly outsourcing tasks to others in order to not only take the pressure off themselves, but also to focus on their core skills so they can be more productive. For real estate Agents, generally the focus is on prospecting for more stock, sourcing buyers and negotiating deals…this can be very stressful and time consuming, but it is critical to ongoing success.

What can you outsource?

  1. Photography – professional photography really stands out, we can all take reasonable photos on our iPhones, but there is still a noticeable difference between what most Agents can snap and the work of a professional property photographer, do not compromise on this!
  2. Copywriting – there are professional copywriters who specialise in property copy who can write your advertisement text for you using supplied floor plans and photographs; this saves you time and polished copy will complement your images and should attract more enquiry.
  3. Administrative tasks – for those Agents that don’t have PA’s a lot of time can be consumed on what are important but seemingly menial administrative chores; whilst most Agencies employ some general admin support, these personnel are often overworked and so busy that the time it takes for them to get your work done is far from ideal. There are virtual PA services online using both Australian and overseas contractors – from spreadsheets, through to Powerpoint presentations, database cleansing, cold-calling, bulk mail-outs etc…some of these tasks can be outsourced more cost effectively than you think.
  4. Housework/Gardening/Car-washing – if you are super busy, don’t feel guilty about paying someone to help you at home, even if it’s just on an ad-hoc basis. Agents work long hours and often weekends, this a time most people allocate to household chores – as you are probably at open homes and negotiating contracts during this time, you could really benefit from some extra help! Also, don’t forget how important it is to have your car looking clean; this can also be outsourced cheaply and save you valuable time.

It all costs money, but your leisure time is invaluable for your mental and physical well-being, and it also means when you are at work you can focus your energies and talents on what your core business is!

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