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Establishing and maintaining connections with your local community is a critical part of growing your brand as an agent; many agents live where they work, for those that don’t – it is absolutely essential you consistently network with the community where you do your prospecting and your core business.

This can be done a variety of ways, from joining your local chamber of commerce and other community groups, through to volunteering at the soccer canteen or coaching a netball team.  One of the most time and cost-effective ways is through social media and email.  Think like a politician and connect with ‘your people’…keep them updated about happenings in their neighbourhood and the wider community, including developments, infrastructure projects and local events.  Make it about them not about you.

It’s so quick and easy to post on Facebook or Instagram about something of local interest; an interesting or relevant post is often then shared on other pages and as such, the reach grows organically.  Try to avoid getting into debates with individuals about controversial topics; keep the tone friendly, and don’t engage with argumentative commentary.

If you supply people with information of interest to them, you promote your brand without the ‘hard-sell’ that is often associated with an agent’s marketing.  Here at Professional Property Copy, we can assist you with ideas to get you started; in addition to writing property copy, we also write blogs, market reports and e-newsletters.

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