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Punctuation Matters!

In 2003 English author Lynne Truss published a book that took the world by storm, ‘Eats Shoots and Leaves’ – a tome about punctuation: its importance, its misuse, and its even its history. No-one was more surprised by the book’s success than Lynne herself; and even in this age of digital communication, texting and #tagging…punctuation still has a very important place.

Using punctuation in your writing assists the reader to clearly understand the message; without it, the same group of words can have very different meanings.

A well-cited example below:

Yes, grandma no doubt had a sigh of relief when that comma was added!

When writing any type of formal copy that you want to sound polished and professional; it is critical to not only use punctuation, but also to use the correct punctuation. Your agent profiles, property editorials, suburb profiles, newsletters, and any branding information you disseminate should be proofed for punctuation and spelling. Make sure your message is clear and is delivered as intended.

Remember punctuation saves lives!

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