Professional Property Copy

Real Estate Words

Words, word, words…that’s what a copywriter makes his/her living from; words can be powerful, destructive, descriptive and even life-changing.  In property marketing, words are used to positively sell the benefits of a particular property, and it is important that the words are used in the right context, spelt correctly and enhance the overall message.

Two of the most commonly misspelt or misused words discovered regularly in property advertisements include incorrect uses of the following:

  1. Story instead of Storey – when describing a physical level of a building storey is the correct spelling; eg: this attractive double storey apartment offers the ultimate urban lifestyle.
  2. Compliment instead of Complement – this is often misused, the correct spelling in property copy should be complement; eg: the tasteful decor will complement any furniture style and type.

Also be aware of avoiding repetition of adjectives – it’s quite common in property copy to see the same adjective used several times; use a thesaurus or drop the adjective if you can’t find an appropriate replacement.

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