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Relationship Building

As a property professional you are well aware that relationship building is a huge part of career longevity and ongoing success. Building and nurturing relationships with colleagues, clients, and the wider community is an integral part of an Agent’s job; and this can be done in many ways, from face-to-face contact, networking at community events, establishing a social media presence/following, marketing/branding options in media and via other advertising platforms, as well as direct written communication with your database, electronically, or through the mail.

Electronic communication via social media platforms or direct to an inbox, is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective methods of staying relevant and keeping in touch. Endeavour to keep these e-messages brief, informative and topical, and use a friendly tone…it is a more informal way of communicating and is coming via a very ‘busy’ electronic highway, so is competing with a lot of ‘noise’.

Keep the residents and property owners in your prospecting area updated about happenings in their neighbourhood and the wider community, including developments, infrastructure projects and local events. Make it about them not about you.

It’s so quick and easy to post on Facebook or Instagram about something of local interest; this is often then shared on other pages and as such, the reach grows organically. Always avoid getting into debates with individuals about controversial topics; this never ends well – and despite this more informal method, spelling and grammar must be checked and correct, you will not get away with being sloppy in this area, just because it’s Instagram.

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