Professional Property Copy

Revisit Your Profile!

Part of welcoming in a New Year is a little bit of navel gazing, reflecting on the year past, and what you would like to achieve in the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to revisit your professional agent profile.

When was it last updated? When was the last time YOU read it? If you have to think about it for too long…then it’s too long ago! Your professional profile can often be the first interface between you and a potential seller; it is critical that it is not only polished in tone, and sells the benefits of your services, but also that it contains current information.

You don’t necessarily have to rewrite it completely; but you can fine-tune it by adding to it and removing text that may no longer be relevant or sounds a bit stale. Many Agents initially write their profile when first joining an Agency, and then no longer think about it…you’d be amazed how quickly some of the text becomes outdated.

At PPC we can write or refresh your profile; click here here to find out more.

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