Professional Property Copy

Sell the season

Spring has sprung, and no doubt you are very busy prospecting and listing in this traditionally active period. When spring arrives, there is a general feel of optimism that accompanies the flowers blossoming and the warmer weather, and it’s ideal if you can incorporate some of this joie
de vivre into your spring marketing copy.

Although buying a house is generally a decision that has long term consequences, we still generally think in the ‘now’, and emotion does drive decision making, particularly for a purchase of a principal residence. Utilise that emotion to create word-pictures and tell a story to the buyer via
the copy…assist them to visualise what it would be like to live there.

Throughout the four seasons, you can engage with your market by creating a sense of ‘today’, and making the copy relevant and fresh.

If a listing has sat on the market for an extended period you must remember to go in and refresh the copy…you don’t want to be talking about cosy fireplaces in the middle of a sweltering

We are property copy experts and we can write your copy for you to save you time. The above is one of the ways we make your copy shine!

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