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Selling in Summer!

Spring is widely acknowledged as the ‘selling season’, and historical data supports this; however, summer is also a popular time, and an opportune time, with many advantages.

The weather is generally better in summer (in most parts of Australia); with warmer weather comes enhanced sense of happiness and optimism, and lifestyle properties with pools and alfresco entertaining areas really shine at this time of year.

School holidays:  If you list and sell in early summer, you can be out of your current home and into new premises before school returns the following year; rather than disrupting the family during term by moving.

Tourists: if you live in a tourist area, there are increased numbers of visitors over summer; some people fall in love with an area whilst on holidays, and buy a property there as a holiday home, investment, or with the intent of relocating.  If your property is on the market at the peak holiday time, you may attract increased interest from a wider market.

Marketing copy: you can inject some real passion and enthusiasm into your marketing material in the summer months, capitalising on the lifestyle benefits, creating amazing word pictures; your photos should also look more vibrant and inviting.

We can write your marketing copy for you, to assist you to generate increased enquiry, and really sell those benefits.

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