Professional Property Copy

Selling the BENEFITS

Effective copy should sell the benefits to the reader; ensure the prospective buyer can quickly identify what the features are and why they would be of benefit.  Of particular interest to many buyers are features that will assist them to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

We all lead extremely busy lives and quite often two wages are needed to service a mortgage, therefore, attributes like ‘low maintenance’ gardens can be a key selling feature.

Some tips:

  • The photos show; the copy should explain, ie complement the images.  For example, if there’s an inground pool with an alfresco outdoor entertaining area adjacent, try and create in words the sense of lazy, social afternoons enjoying drinks and laughter with friends and family – we can see the pool and BBQ area, but describe an inviting scenario;

  • Don’t be afraid to use adjectives, but don’t over-use and become verbose – you’re setting a scene not writing a novel;

  • Call to Action is always important as it provides the buyer with a sense of urgency, a sense that there’s a compelling reason for the owners to leave a property as lovely as this, and therefore create the feeling that this is an opportunity;

  • Ensure you write something about the location – not all buyers are locals, some are investors would-be owner-occupiers from far afield, and therefore not familiar with the area.   Distances from shops, public transport, major amenities including hospitals or schools are important.

Remember you’re not selling the property back to the owner, it’s critical the copy appeals to prospective purchasers.  Quite often the owners can give you some tips on what attracted them to the property/area that you can utilise in your copy to sell its appeal to its new owner.

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