Professional Property Copy

Selling the ‘Burbs!

Does your website have suburb profiles?  If not, you should really consider having some written and uploaded, for the following reasons:

  • It keeps traffic on your website – if someone unfamiliar with an area sees a property of interest they may leave your website to ‘google’ the suburb;

  • It demonstrates good local knowledge – if you can provide people with basic, but relevant information about the suburbs in your area, it shows you ‘know’ your area well;

  • Location is a critical factor when purchasing property – so suburb profiles give you a further chance to sell the benefits of a particular location;

  • You are in control of the information, meaning you can focus on the positives, if they look elsewhere the focus may be different;

  • Your competitors probably have this information available, so you need to ensure you do also.

What information should be in the copy?

  • Basic demographics;

  • A little bit of history – something iconic or quirky;

  • Amenities;

  • Why it’s a great place to live or invest.

Copy should be short and concise, one or two paragraphs with an attractive image to accompany.

We can provide written profile suburbs for you to upload to the internet or put on fact sheets etc…contact us for further information.

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