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Set The Scene, Use The Seasons!

Winter has arrived and some parts of the nation are feeling it more than others! Regardless of the drop in the mercury, properties still get listed and sold in the cold, and you can utilise the cooler weather to infuse warmth into your copy.

Create scenes through prose that invoke feelings of cosiness; talk of toasty winter sunshine, clear crisp winter evenings toasting marshmallows over the firepit, sipping on a quality shiraz from the Barossa Valley in front of the fireplace, board-games with the family in the fabulous games room, and so on.

Christmas in July has really gained momentum in recent years, and perhaps the property you have just listed would be the perfect venue for this! Inject some of these scenarios into your copy – it assists the buyer to visualise living there and creates positive vibes associated with this property.

Just remember, if the property is still for sale in spring – you will need to refresh to reflect the change of season, and use word-pictures that one associates with spring to create the same impact.

Here at PPC we can assist you to refresh the copy on your existing listings, as well as writing copy on new listings. Click Here to find out more.

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