Professional Property Copy

Signboard Text

We have all heard the saying ‘less is more’ and this is generally true in all marketing; none more glaringly obvious than signboard text. Picture signboards are generally accompanied by a couple of sentences and/or bullet points.

It is imperative that this text is selling benefits that are NOT obvious in the photos, for example, if your hero shot is a gorgeous photo of the pool, you don’t need to waste precious words on the signboard blurb mentioning the pool. Also, if it’s opposite a school, again, no need to mention – people can see that when they are reading the board.

Most signboards have icons displaying how many bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces there are, so no need to repeat in text – instead maybe mention the home has ‘three separate living areas’ as this is clearly of appeal and will probably not be obvious from the couple of photos displayed on the board.

Keep it short and simple; use your words wisely and economically.

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