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Social Media

Most Agents and Agencies now use social media as a means of regularly communicating with their contacts and the wider public; it is cost-effective, timely, instantaneous, and can grow reach organically via shared posts.

Whilst it is a quick and easy way of communicating and is generally more informal in its manner and tone; don’t forget it is still an interface between you and potential clients…take care with spelling and grammar, use humour with great care, and avoid posting anything potentially offensive. A relaxed tone is fine but keep professionalism in mind.

You still need to PROOFREAD what you post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are some shocking examples of inappropriate postings by Agents, and postings littered with spelling mistakes…you’ve all seen them, you don’t have to look too far. Some of these get shared with the mistakes glaringly pointed out to all and sundry; how embarrassing! Do not let all your hard work on a marketing campaign be compromised because of a careless social media post.

Post away, but take great care, reputations take a long time to build, but only the shortest of times to destroy.

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