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Spreading the News…

Whether sending out regular newsletters electronically via email or letterbox dropping hard-copies around your local area; it is important to ensure that the information is accurate, of relevance to the local area, is up-to-date and contains items of interest…there must be some incentive for the reader to read!

The most effective newsletters have the following features:

  • Consistency i.e. decide how often you want to circulate – weekly, fortnightly, quarterly etc…and stick to it;
  • Contain information of value to the reader, eg: updates on local property market, items of interest in the local area, maybe even a snippet of local history, upcoming events and so on;
  • Clear branding and polished presentation – the professionalism of your newsletter is a reflection on your professionalism as an Agent;
  • Quality images and copy – the copy should be thoroughly proof-read prior to publishing and be slick and concise, and any accompanying images must also be of a high standard.

Newsletters are an effective communication tool that work at both a branding and prospecting level; make sure you have some kind of newsletter reaching your area, as you can be sure your competitors do! However, if you are going to do it – do it regularly and do it well! You can also upload them onto your social media platforms like Facebook also!

At PPC we can assist you with your newsletter copy, click here to find out more.

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