Professional Property Copy

SPRING Clean Your Copy

Spring has sprung and everyone is sprucing up their homes, their gardens, and ramping up their fitness regimes, whilst embracing the general feeling of optimism that envelops us as the warmer weather arrives.

It’s a perfect time for you to spring-clean some of your marketing. For example, how long ago have you updated and refreshed your profile? With the onset of the busiest selling period, it is critical that potential sellers are equipped with fresh, updated information about you; it’s a competitive industry, and you need to stand out!

What about those listings that have sat on the market for a while…with more activity imminent, now is also an opportune time to capitalise on the extra activity, and reinvigorate the copy to generate enquiry. It’s amazing what some fresh copy can do to create energy around a ‘tired’ listing.

Here at PPC, we WRITE copy for property professionals every single day, and can assist you with refreshing and polishing existing copy, or writing new copy. Contact us to find out more.

Happy selling!

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