Professional Property Copy


With Spring having just sprung, it may be a perfect time to revise the copy on some of your longer-term listings; inject some fresh thoughts and prose to liven them up, when spring is in the air, most people are feeling more optimistic about life…make sure your copy reflects this enthusiasm. Don’t just change the blurb, make sure you change the heading also.

As Christmas gets closer you may also want to create word pictures in your descriptions; for example, if a home has a wonderful alfresco entertaining area, you could suggest that this would be an ‘inviting place to enjoy Christmas lunch with family and friends’ – referring to the season makes the text more relevant and timely, and the listing less stale.

Don’t have time to be rewriting copy? That’s OK, we can do it for you. Contact PPC today to find out how we can assist you with your marketing copy.

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