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Stay in Touch…

All Agents have a database; some use theirs more effectively than others.  One of its most valuable uses is the ease in which you can keep in touch with your contacts at the touch of a button, virtually effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Some Agents publish regular blogs or e-newsletters which they disseminate to their contacts and publish on their website, others communicate with their database on a more ad-hoc basis.  Regular consistent communication RELEVANT to the recipient is critical to successful profiling/branding, and keeps your name in front of potential buyers or sellers.

The more you can stream your contact list, the more you can tailor the information to be of interest to group-sets rather than generic bulk emails that are often left unopened, let alone read.

For example, if you have a ‘group’ of contacts who own property in your ‘farm area’, whether owner-occupiers or investors, it is helpful to provide them information of value about their area: historical information and photos, upcoming events, infrastructure projects, and local property values/sales.  This is more newsworthy and more likely to be of interest to them, than a diatribe about yourself and your achievements.

Provide information of BENEFIT to your contacts, and do it regularly with brevity and polish.

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