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Have you recently been nominated or won an industry award?  Have you broken any suburb or street price records? Have you listed or sold an iconic building or piece of land?  Chances are you have been kicking some serious goals, and if so, don’t keep it to yourself – there is a good possibility that your local newspaper or media outlet will be interested.

Local television, radio and newspapers are always seeking content, particularly stories directly pertinent to their local area.  Real estate news is virtually reported every day, so newsworthiness is already established, it’s just a case of identifying an interesting angle.

How do you let the media know?
You issue a Media Release.

It needs to be written like a news story, in the inverted pyramid style, ie the most newsworthy information at the top, down to the least newsworthy at the bottom, and a high resolution image should accompany it.  A media release, if published, doesn’t cost you a cent…only your time (or your outlay if you pay someone to write it).

It needs to be concise, punchy and preferably fit on one page; make sure you put your contact details at the bottom so the journalist can contact you if they require further information.

If you need assistance to prepare a media release – we can help; our experienced journalist has written and published thousands of media releases throughout her career.

Contact us today and let everyone know about your success!

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