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Target Your Message!

With another federal election done and dusted; there are some important messages to arise out of a result that surprised many commentators, pollsters, and even the bookies! One of the key successes of the Morrison campaign was his clear, concise focus on the message he was delivering on behalf of the incumbent government…he knew exactly who his target audience was and communicated directly to them in language they embraced and understood.

Many analysts are saying the Labor Party’s message, clearly unpalatable to the majority of Australian voters, was complicated and not able to be concisely explained and digested in these days of 30-second media soundbites.

As Agents you are also fundamentally marketers – selling your own brand as well as your client’s properties. You need to know who your market is, understand what motivates them, and how to communicate with them most effectively. It’s not always the ‘best’ Agent that wins the business, but the one who can engage and influence in the most powerful and memorable way.

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