Professional Property Copy

When is the last time you updated your website profile?

If you have to think about it for too long…then it’s too long ago! You website profile and photograph is often the first interface between you and a potential seller; it is critical that it is not only polished and professional in tone, but also has up to date information.

You don’t have to rewrite it completely; no point reinventing the wheel, but you can fine-tune it by adding to it and removing text that may no longer be relevant or sounds a bit stale. Many Agents write their profile when first joining an Agency, and then no longer think about it, let alone go back and read it…you’d be amazed how quickly some of the text becomes outdated.

Since you originally wrote it, you may have achieved further educational/vocational qualifications, won industry awards, joined community groups such as Rotary, or shifted your speciality to commercial from residential, or moved your focus to a different farm area. All these little things create an impression of who you are, what you stand for and how listing with you may benefit the client.

At PPC we can write or refresh your profile; contact us to find our more.

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