Professional Property Copy

Who are You? Why Should I List with You?

If you are a working Agent you will have some type of written profile; with a new year just begun, now is the perfect time to review your existing profile and really reflect on whether it represents who you are, and more importantly, provides a strong message to a potential seller about why they should list with you.

This is a checklist you may find helpful when reviewing:

  • Is it up-to-date?  Most aren’t.
  • Is it dynamic or bland?
  • Is it clearly selling your ‘point of difference’?
  • Does it sound cliched?  Many do.

Here at Professional Property Copy (PPC) we have been writing effective, polished Agent profiles for real estate professionals across the nation since 2012. We can rewrite from scratch, or we can refresh your existing one for you.  We also supply an extensive suite of marketing copy tailored to fit your requirements.

We can help you, to sell you!

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