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Write About What You Know!

One of the stumbling blocks many Agents find when it comes to keeping in contact with their database, is not just finding the time, but finding a topic. Obviously, there is always listing content to disseminate; but what else can you communicate that might be of value and/or interest?

One of the best places to start when feeling a little creatively blocked, is writing about ‘what you know’. In your case, it might be your local area – its history, development, or outlook. People generally are very receptive to reading about, or viewing historical images, of where they live. If you post this type of content on social media, it is likely to get shared multiple times.

Also, you know your job, you know how to best present and effectively market a property for sale, negotiate to extract the best outcome for your clients, and you surely have plenty of helpful and useful advice for potential sellers and interested buyers.

Share your knowledge – keep the tone friendly and the language concise. Bite-sized chunks of information is the most likely to be read and digested.

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