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Writing Better Property Copy

With the arrival of Spring comes the busiest period in the property market – more listings means more copy to be written!  Below are a few helpful tips to enhance your copy’s impact.

  1. Words that evoke emotions from readers are the essence of good copy. Most consumers don’t even realise that their decisions to buy are often based on emotions rather than logic. When you can appeal to their emotions, you are more likely to get them to act.  Buying property is generally an emotional journey for purchasers, especially if it’s going to be their family home. 
  2. Write early in the day when your thought process is still fresh. As the day moves along, your mind and your body get tired. This makes it harder to get inspiration and fatigue can often lead to mistakes and repetitive copy.  Try to write after you have eaten breakfast, when you don’t have interruptions, and before you tackle other things to do in the day. You will also start the day off with the great feeling of really accomplishing something rather than putting it off.
  3. Powerful headlines attract attention. Studies show that readers only give copy a couple of seconds before they decide to continue to read it or to move on. You will need to experiment with headlines that get results. Testing out a variety of them can help you to see what is getting the best feedback. Try making the headline a rhetorical question, this can work very effectively.

Remember, at Professional Property Copy we write real estate copy all day, every day as our specialised profession – contact us for further information.

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