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Writing & Blogs

Many of you email regular newsletters to your database and/or post blogs on your websites. Finding the content for these blogs can be challenging, as it’s important not to use this tool for ‘hard selling’, rather it needs to provide content of perceived value to the audience.

To increase the chance of your recipients reading your blogs/newsletters ensure they are varied and interesting each week. Keep them brief and punchy, and try and tie in timely events, for example, the week of Mother’s Day, you may want to share an anecdote or quote about motherhood.

Try and avoid political and religious comments, you may alienate some of your subscribers, and be very careful with use of humour. Light-hearted commentary and an injection of humour can be a positive device, just take great care that it’s appropriate.

Read the blogs and newsletters of your opposition it will give you some great ideas to adapt and make your own.

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