Professional Property Copy

Writing Pitfalls to Avoid

When writing copy that’s going to be viewed by the public, via some social networking site, advertisement, internet editorial or any other marketing material, try and avoid the following if possible to enhance the crispness of your copy:

  • Clichés – difficult to avoid when writing property copy, but if you can substitute a cliché for another phrase, then do so to make your copy sound more individual and less generic.
  • American spelling – once again, most spell checkers are set on US spelling as a default, but the Australian standard, used by all major publications is the British spelling.  You may not think it matters but think about the American spelling of words like tyre and cheque – tire and check…hmmm.
  • Passive words – try and use active (doing) words wherever possible; it makes your text more vibrant and immediate.
  • Contractions – some contractions are acceptable, eg: it’s (it is), you’ll (you will) but don’t populate all of the text with contractions, use a blend, too many look sloppy and actually detract from the flow.
  • Overuse of capitals – don’t use unnecessary capitals – a common irritant.
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