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You’ve hired a professional to stage your property and take great photos. Don’t let your marketing efforts down with rushed and uncrafted real estate copywriting. 


In a highly competitive online market, great copy has never been more critical for attracting attention and building your brand’s reputation. 


While a picture paints a thousand words, a well-crafted real estate description helps your prospective buyers see themselves in the picture, and it creates an emotional connection that converts prospects into interested buyers.


It takes time to write real estate copy that sparks interest, and highlights the features and benefits in a compelling way. 


Let our professional real estate writers craft your marketing copy for you. 


We offer an EASY and STREAMLINED ordering system – send us your property details, and we will provide you with a quality real estate description within 24 hours*. 

Professional Real Estate Writing Helps You To:

  • Stand out from the crowd and build a reputation for quality
  • Save time and energy – we’ll take the hassle out of writing
  • Spend more time generating clients and listings
  • Capture the attention and interest of prospective buyers
  • Bring value to your clients – wow them with great copy!
  • Repurpose into captions for social media, boards, & flyers.

Just like to thank you for writing the copy of this property for me. It was with another agent before but 3 months with no offers and very limited inspections and inquiries. But since you wrote the new copy for me and re listing on, we had 9 visitors go through my first weekend's Open Home Inspections and as a result of that the property has been under contract after the first week's open home, with a price very close to the listing price.


Thank you for your good works! Much appreciated.


Gold Coast

Why Choose Professional Copywriters Over AI

AI can help copywriters write better copy. But it can’t replace humans just yet. 

Good real estate copywriting is more than just a description. A copywriter looks for the unique selling points of the property. They identify target markets and empathise with them, seeking to understand their desires, their real estate aspirations, and their pain points to write compelling copy. 

Unlike AI, a human can look at photos, floorplans, pictures and maps of the area, local council information, school zoning information, reviews on social media, and more to write accurate and informative copy.

For AI to write similar copy, you need to feed it with all this information first, which takes a lot of time.

If you’re looking for real estate descriptions specifically tailored to each property and its target market and that can be customised to the unique details you need to communicate, then contact us today.

How to Order Real Estate Copy

Our ordering process is simple and efficient:

  1. Send us an email to book your copy in advance to secure a 24-hour turnaround*. A good time to book your copy is when you book the photographer.
  2. Email us the property photos (or photo link), floorplan, and any relevant details when you receive them.
  3. Relax while our professional real estate copywriters write your real estate description.

We will send you a confirmation email when you book and a second confirmation email when we receive your information.

You will receive your polished real estate description back within 24 hours* (unless otherwise notified, excluding weekends and public holidays).

Click the order now button below to book your professional real estate copy today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 100% professional and original real estate descriptions start at $147.

We write real estate copy Australia-wide. From Perth and Adelaide to Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart to Brisbane, and all regional areas, we can write your description.

Whether you’re selling a high-end prestige property, a ‘renovators dream’, a family home, an inner-city apartment, or a commercial premises, all listed properties can benefit from a quality description. We have experience writing about a range of properties.

Our real estate ad writers live here in Australia and are professionally trained with backgrounds in journalism and copywriting. Each real estate description is uniquely crafted by humans without using AI scraping tools.

Unless otherwise notified, you will receive your real estate description within 24 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Rest assured knowing we offer unlimited revisions for your real estate copy. While we aim to get your description perfect the first time, just let us know if you would like anything added or changed.

To write a compelling description, we will need your property photographs, floorplan, and other relevant details like unique features, included fixtures and fittings, location highlights, and any additional information you want to draw attention to. Top tip: ask the current owners what they love about the property – this is great information to include in the copy.

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