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Natalie and her team at Professional Property Copy have been an integral part of our team over 9 years. They work tirelessly to meet deadlines, go above and beyond and always produce high quality professional copy that portrays the property in it’s best possible light. In an industry where we are pulled from pillar to post and have so many bouncing balls in the air at any one time, it is reassuring to have Nat and her team to rely on.



We have been using Professional Property Copy for about 9 years.  Natalie and the team always deliver on time and with very professionally written copy.  They save me heaps of time and money as I don’t need to agonise over writing the copy for my properties.  It is a no brainer to use their services.

Lee S,


A wise man or woman once said do everything you are good at and subcontract out the rest to experts.  PPC are my experts for copy writing.  There service is quick and professional and they bring out the special features on all properties.  Thoroughly recommended

A very happy agent who doesn’t want his secret of professional copy exposed.


Our agency highly recommends the services of Professional Property Copy - we have been outsourcing a wide variety of copy jobs to them for in excess of five years, and have always been extremely pleased with the standard, the turnaround time, and their professionalism.  They clearly understand how to sell the benefits of a property; and tailored their standard style to suit our individual office's templates.  At times they have had little to work with in terms of images and information, but still managed to deliver!  I cannot put a price on the time they have saved us.



Cause of me dislexika and the kneed too look pro inindustry PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY COPY as been a career sava. Knot only do wee look pro the ownas tink me wrote it. Win win, thank you PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY COPY.


Sunshine Coast

We have been using the services of Professional Property Copy for the past few years and have always found them to be extremely efficient in providing a professional streamlined service. The quality of their work and flexibility in tailoring to our requirements is always with embraced with a welcoming and con do attitude. I’d highly recommend any agency looking to outsource their property copy requirements that are after an efficient turnaround and professional service to consider the team at PPC.


Another agent who loves our work and doesn’t want to let the secret out of the bag.


I have been using Professional Property Copy for many years.  They are very professional and the quality of work is of the highest standard. There is no job that is too hard and they are always up for the challenge.  Each job is completed in a timely manner and I have no hesitation in recommending Professional Property Copy to anyone looking to get copy written. 





Thank you so very much. I feel blessed to have this wonderful copy.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. YOU are a standout! 😊



Just like to thank you for writing the copy of this property for me. It was with another agent before but 3 months with no offers and very limited inspections and inquiries. But since you wrote the new copy for me and re listing on

, We had 9 visitors went through my first weekend's Open Home Inspections and as a result of that the property has been under contract after the first week's open home, with a price very close to the listing price.


Thank you for your good works!Much appreciated.


Gold Coast

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