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Call to Action

Does your marketing copy have an effective CTA (Call to Action)?  If not, it should.  A CTA is a critical component for every successful marketing campaign; it gets the attention of the prospect and creates a sense of urgency, compelling the prospect to take the next step.

Auction campaign copy is generally effective in creating urgency and communicating a clear CTA; however, this CTA needs to be a component in all property copy whether it is an Auction campaign or not.  If something sounds like a finite opportunity it immediately becomes more attractive, and there appears to be a real need to act quickly.

What makes an effective Call To Action?

  • Clear concise language
  • Creation of a sense of urgency
  • Powerful words
  • Perfect placement – do not bury your CTA in the text, it must be clearly visible and stand alone.

Professional Property Copy can assist you with all your property marketing copy, contact us today to find out how!

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