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Headings for Property Copy Writing

Headings – Make Sure They Are Effective!!

When writing property copy, your heading is a critical element…it not only grabs attention, but it sets the scene; it encapsulates the essence of the message.

Tips for Writing Effective Headings:

  • Less is More: try to keep it short and punchy, it’s a heading remember, not a sentence;
  • Sell the Benefit: just as your hero shot should showcase the most appealing image, your heading should highlight the major benefit –  for example, if it’s the location, make sure that’s the theme of the heading;
  • Try to be Original: it’s not always easy, but try and avoid clichés or frequently used headings where possible;
  • Brainstorm: the heading won’t necessary jump out at you straight away, if not, then write the body of the copy first and you will often find by the time you’ve finished you’ve got your heading.  If you still don’t have a heading, write down 5-10 possible headings and work back from there via brainstorming.
  • Be Careful Using Humour or Irony: if you can come up with something witty that is relevant and still sells the benefits then well done!  However, be careful, sometimes the message isn’t obvious when attempts are used to be humorous or ironic. 
  • Be Clear.
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