Professional Property Copy

Bullet Points or Editorial

Many Agents have a preferred method of writing their property copy – some use bullet points, some use editorial, some combine both. The format is sometimes dictated by your company style guide, which takes the decision out of your hands, but generally there is some latitude allowed particularly for internet descriptions.

Advantages of Bullet Points:

  • Easy to read quickly and digest
  • Easy to write quickly and publish
  • Summarises main benefits clearly

Advantages of Editorial:

  • Can be more creative and really personalise the text to reflect the home’s benefits and point of difference
  • Generally is less generic than bullet points, reflecting more effort on Agent’s part
  • Prospects have to actually read the copy to find out about the home, they can’t just glance at a few bullet points – therefore, increases chance of selling your message

Ideally, a combination of both is the most effective – a few paragraphs to complement the photos and really sell the ‘feel’ of the home, and then bullet points to summarise the main features. It is personal choice, and both methods can work well, particularly if the copy is polished and has impact.

At PPC we can supply you with copy on all your listings, compliant with your style guide and ready to publish.

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