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Essential TIPS for Property Copy with IMPACT!

  • Write in the active voice – use verbs when and where you can, less passive
  • Avoid cliches – e.g: location, location, location!
  • Ensure your text highlights the benefits and points of difference
  • Create word pictures and inviting scenarios
  • Include a sentence/paragraph about location/suburb and proximity to amenities
  • Avoid repetition of adjectives – this is tedious, and one of the most common issues with a lot of marketing copy
  • Proofread yourself + get someone else to check it too…a fresh set of eyes, do not just rely on spell checker.

At  Professional Property Copy we can assist you with all your marketing copy – we work with Agents across Australia from the boutique independent agencies through to the large franchises; and cover all types of property from residential, rural, developments through to commercial, as well as copy for property management listings.

Get it Right… Do not Just RELY on Spell-Checker!

Repeatedly there are many common grammatical errors and misused words published in online property editorials and social media posts…it is not a good look for any Agent, because ‘old-school’ or not, many of us still know the difference, and nothing will detract more from your professionalism than poor grammar (and your vendor will not be impressed).

Complement vs Compliment:

Complement completes something, i.e. neutral décor may complement contemporary furniture.  If something complements something else, it completes it, enhances it, or makes it perfect.  This is usually the complement we should be using in our property marketing copy; however, many people get confused and use compliment, which is a noun expressing praise or admiration for someone, or a verb when you compliment someone on doing a good job.

Storey vs Story:

Storey is what should be used when describing levels in a home/building, as opposed to a story being a narrative.

Dual vs Duel:

It is dual living; not duel living.  So many property ads talk about duel living – it is dual (as in double), not duel as in battle/conflict.

Sought-After vs Sort After:

A location or type of property is sought-after NOT sort after; sought being an adjective and sort being a noun or a verb.  A desirable location is ‘sought after’.


double ‘mm’ and double ‘cc’ always.  Spell checker should pick this up, but again it is often spelt incorrectly…not a good look to be in the property business and not be able to spell accommodate correctly!

Remember, a spelling checker on your computer will not pick this up, as both are correctly spelt, it is the use/context that is incorrect.

Here at Professional Property Copy, we can supply proof-read polished copy ready for immediate publishing, with no effort from you!  Click here to find out more.

Provide Information of Value

Establishing and maintaining connections with your local community is a critical part of growing your brand as an agent; many agents live where they work, for those that don’t – it is absolutely essential you consistently network with the community where you do your prospecting and your core business.

This can be done a variety of ways, from joining your local chamber of commerce and other community groups, through to volunteering at the soccer canteen or coaching a netball team.  One of the most time and cost-effective ways is through social media and email.  Think like a politician and connect with ‘your people’…keep them updated about happenings in their neighbourhood and the wider community, including developments, infrastructure projects and local events.  Make it about them not about you.

It’s so quick and easy to post on Facebook or Instagram about something of local interest; an interesting or relevant post is often then shared on other pages and as such, the reach grows organically.  Try to avoid getting into debates with individuals about controversial topics; keep the tone friendly, and don’t engage with argumentative commentary.

If you supply people with information of interest to them, you promote your brand without the ‘hard-sell’ that is often associated with an agent’s marketing.  Here at Professional Property Copy, we can assist you with ideas to get you started; in addition to writing property copy, we also write blogs, market reports and e-newsletters.

Lights, Camera, Action!

You have done the hard work – you have prospected, you have secured a listing, you are now ready to market it.  The photography is booked and now it is time to write some exciting, persuasive copy to generate enquiry and motivate potential buyers to act!

If this is a daunting and/or time-consuming task for you – this is a chore we can take off your hands.  You send us the photos and floor plan, plus any other relevant information, and we will send you back polished professional copy, individually tailored to your listing.

Our copy is written by a tertiary-qualified, experienced journalist who has worked with real estate professionals since 2008 and has been writing copy for Agents across Australia since 2012.

The copy we supply you will provide several heading options, a full editorial and bullet points; or we can adapt to suit your preferred style.  We inject the copy with energy and vibrancy, avoiding over-used cliches and bland, pedestrian prose.  We use words to create visual images that work in conjunction with the photographs, to communicate an enticing narrative that really SELLS and COMPELLS.

Click here to find out more PPC and our services.

Social Media Groupies!

We are all spending a lot of time and resources on social media posts, particularly in the property business, because there’s little that’s more photogenic than glossy real estate photos.  Here at Professional Property Copy, we have our own Facebook and Instagram page, that we share ideas and publish property images with our followers.  We also actively follow many agencies around the nation; as we just can’t get enough property porn!!

We’d love to follow you, if we aren’t already doing so – please follow us, and we’ll return the compliment! Facebook Instagram

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The Importance of Investing in a Marketing Campaign

In your daily work life as Agents, no doubt you often meet with sellers who are totally sold on the idea of selling their home for a premium price, but not sold on the idea of investing in a marketing campaign.  The main reason for this seems to be hesitation at making an investment without the guarantee of a sale.  Now, in a flat market, this can seem like an understandable concern; and in a buoyant market when property is moving quickly – many sellers do not see the need.  However, we recommend investing in a marketing campaign in ALL market conditions.

Why invest in a marketing campaign?

A polished, tailored marketing campaign to upload to online real estate portals such as and; has been proven time and time again to give you the optimum chance to sell your home quickly for the best possible price.

It is highly recommended that your clients invest in professional photography and professional copywriting – these are two key marketing tools that will make your property shine, selling the benefits to potential buyers, and highlighting any points-of-difference that really value-add and enhance appeal.  Even in a fast-moving market, you still want to secure MAXIMUM price, and polished marketing increases price perception.

Other marketing tools include signboards and social media platforms, as well as letter box drops and e-newsletters to increase exposure.   The aim is to cast a wide net with your marketing so prospective buyers can be found no matter where they live or the types of media they use.  By marketing to all possible channels, you are maximising exposure to a wider range of potential buyers, which can then in turn create a competitive environment around price; a multiple offer situation is always advantageous to the seller.

Historically, the longer a property is on the market, the less the buyer thinks they are required to pay.  Hence, the importance of investing in a marketing strategy upfront upon the launch of your campaign.  Our team at Professional Property Copy (PPC) can assist you with the copywriting component of your campaign.  Click here to find out more.

Free e-Book!

“An Agents Guide To Writing Professional Property Copy”

Do you struggle to write copy for your listings?  Do you find it time-consuming?  Challenging?  Stressful even?  Not only can we ease the burden by writing and supplying the copy to you, but we have created an e-Book full of handy tips to guide you when completing the task yourself.

At Professional Property Copy (PPC) we have been writing property copy and agent profiles for real estate professionals across the nation since 2012.  We can assist you on a regular or ad-hoc basis, and (unless otherwise advised) supply the copy within 24 hours of receiving the completed order.

Click here to order your FREE E-BOOK. Click Here for more information.

Connect with Relevance!

So here we are in 2021, and sadly COVID19 is still a ‘thing’ – albeit on a smaller scale in Australia than many other countries. We have all had to adapt our behaviour socially and our mindsets around many day-to-day things we once took for granted.

One of good news stories that has emerged amongst the cloud of the pandemic is that our national property market, and overall economy, has fared surprisingly well; thanks to swift action by the federal government and state governments to provide stimulus packages as well as take timely action to suppress the spread of the virus.

What does it mean for Agents? Well, we have all continued working within the guidelines set down on any given day. From virtual inspections and online auctions, through to bans on open homes leading to private appointments only – we have come through it; however, it is still a moving feast.

Although we may all be somewhat COVID hungover, we do also continue to need and seek relevant information pertaining to our region/area with regards to what is happening in our area. Agents are an invaluable source of ‘real time’ intelligence on what is happening in the local market in the midst of all this uncertainty, and it can be reassuring to be regularly updated on activity pertaining to our neighbourhood and surrounds.

Connection is critical we are at time of increased isolation and uncertainty. We can assist you to connect and communicate with your target audience. Click Here for more information.

Belated Happy 2021

Please accept our belated New Year best wishes to you, your colleagues, and family; 2021 has arrived like a whirlwind and we have not had time to take a breath, it has been so busy! Despite the global pandemic, the Australian property market is (in many places) extremely buoyant, and as a result we have hit the ground running…

Established in 2012 by a former real estate agent and journalist, we have been writing and supplying marketing copy for property professionals across the nation for nine years and are still going strong.

We can supply property editorials and bullet points, agent/company profiles, e-newsletters/blogs, prospecting letters, award submissions, media releases, and other ad-hoc copy requirements.

Our turnaround is 24-hours (pre-booking essential), unless otherwise advised. Email us the information and we will do the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

Happy New Year – we hope it is a joyful and prosperous one!

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Please contact Natalie on 0420309337 or to see how we help you with your copywriting needs and give you more time to list and sell.

Commas, Colons, Context!

In these days of #hashtagging#, tweeting, snapchatting, and instagramming – punctuation seems to have fallen by the wayside when communicating via social media and instant messaging forums. Without punctuation, context can sometimes be unclear, and the message can be confusing.

As property professionals, you are heavily invested in marketing – marketing your brand and marketing your clients’ properties. It is critical that when you are selling a message, that it is clear, concise, and the context is correct. There are many, many examples of how the simple, humble comma can change meaning; make sure when you use a comma, you use it appropriately, so that your message is comprehended the way it was intended.

Here at PPC we can assist you with all your copywriting needs including proofreading. Click Here to find out more.

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