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Selling a House in Winter – Copywriting Tips That Spark Interest in Your Winter Listings

Winter is a traditionally quiet time on the property market. However, there are many good reasons for selling a house in winter.

If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, research shows that July averages the highest sales prices, so don’t be put off by winter selling.

There’s less competition with fewer homes on offer, so you’re more likely to get your asking price. And if buyers are braving bad weather to come to your open home, you know they’re motivated to make a purchase.

Selling a property isn’t about finding the perfect time but working out how to best present a property in each seasonAnd this is where effective real estate copywriting comes into play. People shop online first, and your copy needs to show your listing in its best possible light no matter what the season.

Below you will find six copywriting tips to help your winter real estate listings sell. Pro tip: don’t stuff your copy with everything listed below, but find the most relevant ones for the home you are writing about.

1. Features and Benefits - Highlight the Underrated Pleasures of Winter

Think about all the things to love about winter.

Lying in on a Sunday all cosy under the doona, taking a long soak in a hot bath, snuggling under a throw rug on the sofa with a loved one while watching a movie, sitting in the garden soaking up the winter sun. Consider sprinkling a cosy winter scene or two into your copy.

You want to show how comfortable the home is during the winter season, which will be at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

2. Don’t Forget to Mention the Heating

Does the house have a fireplace?

Then you definitely want to draw attention to it in your winter copy. Set the scene by describing sipping a quality shiraz from the Barossa Valley in front of the fire or curling up with a hot chocolate and a good book to evoke the feeling of ‘this is where I want to spend my winter nights.’

If there’s no fireplace, then you can highlight in your copy how the ducted heating (if relevant) will keep the whole home cosy throughout the winter months.

Again, evoking warmth and comfort is a primary objective in winter real estate copy.

3. Draw Attention to the Winter Aspect

What aspect does the home have? Which rooms get the most sunlight?

If the living rooms are bathed in winter sun, or the yard enjoys a northerly aspect (southern hemisphere), you will want to talk about that in your copy. A west-facing living room might be hot in summer, but it gets all the sun in winter, so this is the time to highlight it.

If you have done your pre-writing prep, the current owners will be able to tell you exactly which parts of the home are most comfortable in winter.

When writing real estate copy, the aspect might not always be something you want to draw attention to (if it’s not good), but it is something to keep in mind.

4. Highlight the Great Indoor Lifestyle the Home Offers

We all tend to stay indoors more during winter, especially if it’s raining, so the functionality of the indoor living space is at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

In your copy, highlight how the indoor space is perfectly designed for winter living. You can talk about watching movies in the media room, playing board games with the family in the fabulous games room, or hosting a dinner party in the formal dining room.

Christmas in July has gained momentum in recent years, and perhaps the property you have just listed would be the perfect venue for this!

Inject some of these scenarios into your copy – it helps the buyer visualise living there and creates positive vibes associated with this home.

5. Is Your Property an Outdoor Winter Wonderland?

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to ignore the great outdoors!

Winter can be the perfect time to highlight sweeping views if they are less obstructed by deciduous trees. If the property has a sunny yard, you can mention sitting on the patio and enjoying the warm winter sunshine. Or maybe you can talk about toasting marshmallows over the firepit on clear, crisp evenings. Does the alfresco area have cafe blinds? You can mention how prospective buyers can enjoy it all year round with a patio heater.

You don’t have to ignore standout features – like a pool – that are more applicable to summer. Instead, talk about ‘getting ready for the summer months’ and emphasise the home’s cosy aspects.

6. Now is the Time to Home-In on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is not the kind of information buyers can glean from the photos, which is why your real estate copy is so important.

We all know that heating can be expensive, so it is essential to draw attention to any energy-efficient features. Does the home have instant gas hot water? You can talk about how everyone can have a shower without the hot water running out. Maybe there are solar panels, zoned heating, solar or heat pump hot water. Then talk about how much this can save the new owners in winter bills.

Anything already installed that will save the buyer money is worth highlighting. It not only makes the property more attractive to buyers but also adds value.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Refresh Your Copy for Spring

Hopefully, with great copy, winter staging, beautiful photography, and an open home that offers a warm welcome (literally and figuratively), your property will be sold quickly.

But if it’s still on the market in spring, don’t forget to give your copy – and your marketing – a spring update.

There’s no need to shy away from the winter real estate market, especially if you live in Sydney or Melbourne. But to maximise your selling opportunity, seasonally appropriate copy can enhance the home’s desirability.

With all the tasks you need to juggle with a new listing, it can be hard to remember all the high-conversion elements to add to your copy. With over 15 years of experience writing real estate descriptions, we can take the pressure off and help you sell your property, no matter what the season.

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